I don’t need a will because I don’t have enough to worry about

Mickey Rooney’s Story

Actor Mickey Rooney had a long career, starting as a toddler in vaudeville, becoming a star in the silent movie era and continuing to appear in films right up to his death in 2014 at the age of 93. Sadly, he was almost penniless when he died.

Although his estate only amounted to $18,000, Mickey was determined that nothing go to certain family members, whom he accused of elder abuse and squandering his fortune. He had a will properly prepared shortly before his death, leaving everything to his estranged wife and one stepson. Although his biological children objected, they eventually dropped their claims.

Lawyer’s comment: Having only a small bank account is no reason to think you don’t need a will. Without a will, your estate could end up in the hands of relatives you do not wish to benefit.

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