The Importance of Powers of Attorney

We recently read a report from CBC illustrating how two families have learned the importance of having Powers of Attorney in place:

  • In 2018, when Dr. Mary Jarratt’s brother, Billy, asked her to be his power of attorney (POA), it seemed routine, as Billy was in excellent health. Unfortunately, a massive stroke in 2023 left Billy incapacitated, and Mary discovered the importance of Powers of Attorney and the complexity of the role.
  • Similarly, Mike Cels, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2017, emphasizes the significance of early preparation. Updating their POAs to reflect their new reality, Mike and his wife, Carmen, ensure every scenario is covered. Carmen keeps a meticulous portfolio that includes wills, POAs, and contact details, with the goal of seamless decision-making.

These real-life stories reported by CBC emphasize the necessity of open conversations and proactive planning.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants another person, known as the attorney, the authority to act on behalf of the individual who signs the document. In Ontario, there are two types of power of attorney: one for property and one for personal care.

If you haven’t got up-to-date Powers of Attorney for Property and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care in place, the lawyers at de Bakker Law would be happy to assist.

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