Plan Ahead: Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick to Make Your Will

Some people think that making a will is something to consider when we’re older, sicker, or getting closer to the end of our lives. However, this common misconception can lead to unnecessary stress, complications, and uncertainty for you and your loved ones. There are many reasons you shouldn’t wait until you’re sick to make a will. Proactive estate planning is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or health.

Unpredictability of Life:

Life is unpredictable, and it’s vital to be prepared for the unexpected. Creating a will while you’re healthy and of sound mind ensures your wishes are documented and ready to be executed in the event of illness or accident.

Protecting Your Loved Ones:

Making a will isn’t just about distributing your assets; it’s also about safeguarding your loved ones’ future. Without a will, decisions about asset distribution, guardianship of minor children, and other critical matters may fall into the hands of the courts, causing confusion and potential family disputes.

Reducing Stress and Burden:

When you’re sick or dealing with a medical crisis, the last thing you need is the added stress of creating a will. Decision-making can be clouded, and rushing can lead to poor decisions. By planning ahead, you won’t put this added burden on yourself and your family during an already difficult time.

Avoiding Intestacy Laws:

Without a will, your estate may be subject to Ontario’s intestacy laws, which will dictate how your assets are distributed, without considering your unique preferences. By creating a will, you retain control over who inherits your assets and how they are distributed.

Minimizing Estate Taxes:

Proactive estate planning can help minimize the impact of estate taxes. Waiting until you’re sick may limit your options for implementing tax-saving strategies.

Peace of Mind:

Creating a will when you’re healthy provides a sense of peace and security, knowing that your affairs are in order. This peace of mind can enhance your overall well-being and reduce stress.


Waiting until you’re sick to create a will is a risky proposition that can lead to confusion, disputes, and unintended consequences. Estate planning is a responsible step that everyone, regardless of age or health, should consider.

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