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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important tool for every family. It ensures that all of your affairs are in order should you be unable to deal with them yourself, or to assist your family after you have passed away.

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Criminal Law

Having been charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful time in a person’s life. Having the weight of the state and its resources building a case against you can be a frightening experience. Experienced criminal lawyers assist defendants navigate this complex area of the law.

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Civil Litigation

Whether through contract or negligence, civil litigation is the act of preparing or defending a claim for those who have been wronged or have allegedly wronged others. Experienced civil litigators can bring your claim through the court process or defend you against such a claim.

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Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, you’re a seasoned house flipper, or you’re looking to downsize and sell, de Bakker law can help you through all your Real Estate transactions.

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Immigration Law

On a global level, Canada is an incredibly appealing place to live, work, go to school or start a family. de Bakker law assists with the application process to be granted visas, or permanent residency in Canada.

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