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Simple Will?

Are your Beneficiary Designations up to date?

Michael consulted us recently after his father’s death. Michael was an only child, and his [...]

Marriage will no longer revoke a Will!

A new law in Ontario will bring some important changes for Wills and Estates. Bill [...]

If I say I’ve moved to California and make a new Will there, who’s going to argue?

Johnny Hallyday’s Story   Johnny Hallyday might be the biggest pop star you’ve never heard of. Over the course of a long [...]

My eldest child will be offended if I don’t name him as my Attorney in my Power of Attorney for Property

Brooke Astor’s Story New York socialite Brooke Astor gave her son Anthony Marshall a Power [...]

I’m healthy, so I don’t understand why I should make a Power of Attorney for Property

Etta James’s Story R&B singer Etta James won six Grammy Awards during her career. Unfortunately, [...]

I’m afraid my children will say I was incompetent when I made my Will

Leona Helmsley’s Story Real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley, who served time in jail for tax [...]

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important tool for every family. It ensures that all of your affairs are in order should you be unable to deal with them yourself, or to assist your family after you have passed away.

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Criminal Law

Having been charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful time in a person’s life. Having the weight of the state and its resources building a case against you can be a frightening experience. Experienced criminal lawyers assist defendants navigate this complex area of the law.

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Care and Control – Sleeping drunk in your vehicle can have unintended consequences

There may be situations where an individual voluntarily drives a car while intoxicated and it [...]

Civil Litigation

Whether through contract or negligence, civil litigation is the act of preparing or defending a claim for those who have been wronged or have allegedly wronged others. Experienced civil litigators can bring your claim through the court process or defend you against such a claim.

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Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, you’re a seasoned house flipper, or you’re looking to downsize and sell, de Bakker law can help you through all your Real Estate transactions.

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Porting your Mortgage

Now and again, a client at de Bakker & de Bakker is unpleasantly surprised about [...]

Where Should I be on Closing Day?

Where should I be on closing day?  Your home purchase or sale is one of [...]

What Fixtures and Chattels are included?

Buyers and sellers often have different understandings of what items are included in the sale. [...]

Do I Need Conditions in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?

Conditions in an Offer to Purchase Your real estate lawyer can advise you about conditions [...]

What is the difference between a Deposit and a Down payment?

Deposits A deposit is usually given with the Offer to Purchase or within 24 hours [...]

Should I Get Mortgage pre-approval?

Knowing what kind of a loan you qualify for will be a big advantage when [...]

The steps to buying a house in Thunder Bay:

Your Thunder Bay real estate lawyer can guide you through all stages of your home [...]

Why homebuyers in Thunder Bay should speak to a Real Estate lawyer

When you find the Thunder Bay house you want, things will seem to move fast—but [...]

Buying your first house? Things to consider

Buying your first home may end up being the biggest purchase of your life. It’s not the [...]

Immigration Law

On a global level, Canada is an incredibly appealing place to live, work, go to school or start a family. de Bakker law assists with the application process to be granted visas, or permanent residency in Canada.

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