International Students & Frequently Asked Questions

I am in Canada studying as an International Student, and want to stay here after graduation. What programs are available for me?

There are many pathways to permanent residency for international student graduates in Canada. Students can apply through local, provincial or federal programs depending on where you are living and where you are working. The eligibility requirements vary by program. Book a consultation to learn more today!

I am an International Student currently in Canada, can I invite my parents to come visit me?

Yes, regardless if you have temporary or permanent residency in Canada, you can invite your parents to come visit you. Your parents would require visitor visas or an ETA depending on what country they are coming from and how long the visit will be. Book a consultation to learn more about inviting your parents to Canada.

I have heard about the Thunder Bay RNIP program. Do I have to be in Canada to apply?

No, applicants are invited to apply to the local RNIP program from inside and outside of Canada. Applicants from outside of Canada must have one year of working experience. This program has been extended to 2024 – book a meeting to learn more about coming to Thunder Bay permanently!

I am coming to Canada to study. Can my spouse and children accompany me in Canada?

Yes, IRCC invites dependents of international students (spouse and children) to accompany them while they study in Canada. Your spouse is eligible for an open work permit and your children study or visitor permits for the same duration of your program. Book a consultation today to learn more!

I am a permanent resident in Canada, can I sponsor my spouse to immigrate here?

Depending on how you gained permanent residency and when, you may be able to sponsor your spouse (and children) to join you permanently here in Canada. You must demonstrate your financial ability to sponsor family members in the application. Please book a consultation today to learn more.

I am a PhD graduate in Ontario. Am I eligible for permanent residency?

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. There is a specific pathway for International PhD graduates that does not require any work experience or job offer. Book a meeting today to learn more!

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