I’ve changed my mind about cremation, but it’s okay because I told my kids

Ted Williams’s Story

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams left instructions in his will that he wished to be cremated. However, when he died in 2002, his two children from a second marriage produced a note saying he wished to have his body cryogenically frozen, in the hope of being revived at a later date. This procedure caused great distress to Bobby-Jo, his eldest daughter from his first marriage. Bobby-Jo went to court to try to have his body thawed and cremated, but she eventually ran out of money and gave up. Ted Williams remains on ice.

Lawyer’s Comment: Legally, the decision about disposition of your body belongs to your Executor. It is important to keep your will up to date, especially if there is potential conflict among your family members about your send-off. If you change your mind about your burial wishes, change your will by adding a codicil or writing a new one.

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