Why should I leave my Will at my lawyer’s? I prefer to keep it at home in my sock drawer

FloJo’s Story

Olympic sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner—better known as FloJo— set world records in 1988 in both the 100-metre and 200-metre events. Sadly, she died ten years later at the age of only 38. Her family believed she had made a will, but they couldn’t track it down. Years of legal battles followed as Joyner’s husband and her mother couldn’t agree on whether FloJo had promised that her mother could continue to live rent-free in the couple’s condominium for the rest of her life.

Lawyer’s comment: Even the best will is of little value if no one can find the original. It is usually best to leave the original in your lawyer’s fireproof safe and keep a copy at home with the location of the original written on it. Tell at least two people you trust where to find your original will and consider giving a copy to your Executor.

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